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Relocating and transporting large amounts of cargo? Looking to crate or store personal and/or business items? Look no further, All Cargo Solution is the one stop shop for all your cargo and transport needs. Call today to learn how All Cargo Solution can make your next big move, transport or storage of cargo a breeze 912-385-0955.

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All Cargo Logistics & Shipping Solutions offers a wide range of warehousing and distribution services. Let us handle everything from receiving and processing your goods, to segregating, storing and preparing them for their final destination. If you require warehousing/distribution services for your commodities we specialize in all types of cargo ranging from automobiles, general cargo, light and heavy machinery, boats, ATVs, and Hazmats, simply put no one beats All Cargo. We strive to provide outstanding service and assist customers with all facets of their warehousing and distribution experience. Our goal is to make the experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, all the while continuing to offer the most competitive prices in the industry.


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Happy New Year all! With Chinese New Year's around the corner our return to the Top Five Most Interesting Cargos Ever Shipped couldn't be more appropriate, enjoy. 4. The Orient express. When one of the largest discoveries of the ancient world...

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This will be our last post of the year, so from all of us at All Cargo Solution we want to wish you a Happy New Year and a holiday season filled with family, friends and festivity. See you in 2015 with the second half of this exciting series on the most...

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