Strange Shipments - The Top Five Most Interesting Cargos Ever Shipped


Some might say that the world of Shipping and Logistics is not an exciting one; that there is no drama or thrill to moving machinery, automobiles, and large cargo around the globe. To combat the naysayers we have scoured the internet and interviewed our partners in the industry to put together a list of the most interesting and odd things ever shipped. Check out the first part of a five part series below and come back every Friday for the next post.

1. Charmed, I'm sure.
In 2010 an inspector discovered more than he bargained for while conducting a routine container check. Once it was identified as leaking water the inspector decided to open the container up for a closer look. Inside he discovered a large, live Boa Constrictor. Shipped alongside numerous bunches of yuka trees, the cold blooded snake was packed with ice but apparently not listed on the shipments manifest.

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