Auto dismantling and international shipping services


Car dismantling services and auto parts shipping are cost-effective solutions for the export of auto parts. Cars are dismantled according to each customer’s personal requests. Complete disassembly and partial disassembly of the car is possible as well.

All Cargo Solution offers quality dismantling and cutting services. We can load up to 20 dismantled cars into a 40’ HC container. This is a great opportunity for foreign salvage yards and auto part dealers.

We use 3 methods of cutting/dismantling vehicles:

Complete Dismantling
3-piece Dismantling
Custom Dismantling

Complete dismantling is a super economical method. The main parts of the vehicle are taken off, including the engine and transmission, the front and rear suspension, front and rear doors, the hood, the trunk lid, the fenders, and so on. All whole windows and quarter panel windows, the dashboard, the heater, the steering column, and the interior are cut out. The body will be cut in pieces as desired by the customer. In this case, the container will fit the maximum number of cars. This option is good for those who want to sell separate parts and don’t need further dismantling.

3-piece dismantling is beneficial for cars that have minimal visible damage; the automobile is cut onto 3 parts. Using this option, you will be able to save many parts in good condition for selling. With this method, you will be saving the front and rear windows, all removable body parts, the sunroof, roof airbags, parking brake cables, and the muffler.

Custom dismantling is done by the request of the customer and satisfies all the customer's needs.

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We offer:

Auto Dismantling
Motorcycle Dismantling
Heavy Machinery

Our services include pre- and post-dismantle reviews, commercial dismantling, separation, and downsizing. We know car dismantling is a tough and complicated process, so we pay close attention to every detail so that everything gets done the right way. We also photograph every part after dismantling and loading, so you can clearly see how your equipment parts are packed.

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