Policies and Procedures


All Cash deposits shall be dismissed and forfeited. No exceptions.

All Check deposits shall have 10 days hold and release will not be filed until cleared


Please include $30.00 to your payment if sending wire transfer for incoming wire transfer fee, there will be no release on any short paid amount.


Fee to mail your documents shall be:

$35.00 for Domestic and $125.00 for International (when applicable)


If you pay after your due date, you will be charged 3% late fee each 30 days you are late, please be advised, no release on any short paid amount.

All past due invoices have to be paid 7 days prior to container arrival, all payments done past that threshold shall have $250.00 minimum penalty.


All cars and bikes stored for more than your free storage for shipping agreement time will be billed $300.00 per month storage charge plus shifting fee if applicable for the month in advance.

All other equipment shall be charged at the rate of $300.00 per month for each 500 cubic feet plus shifting fees if applicable paid in advance. All other items shall be quoted per request.

We shall not be responsible for lack of bookings, equipment or other related delays.

All items removed without shipping shall be charged In-Out fee plus storage from the date received to the date of removal, no free storage apply to these items.

Cars and Motorcycles In-Out fee $50.00 the rest is case-by-case bases at our discretion.

All Storage invoices have to be paid with in terms on monthly bases.

Any cargo left for more than 30 days with unpaid storages shall be deemed as abandoned and become property of All Cargo with no recourse, and will be sold or recycled at our discretion.

If recovered amount is less then storage, client shall be responsible for balance.


Cargo insurance is 1.5% of value of your cargo and need to be obtained prior to delivery. By not electing cargo insurance, you wave all rights to claim any damages and shall be sole responsible for any claim to damage, theft and other types of loss.

All Cargo shall not be held responsible for any type of loss and shall have maximum liability of $500.00 per incident in case of negligence.

All Claims shall within 72 hours after unloading cargo.

No claim shall be accepted without detailed photos inside of the container clearly displaying damage and cause.


All terms are subject to inventory at All Cargo location and shall serve as collateral for services provided. Shall quantity of cargo be reduced or before last shipment performed, Term shall be prepaid.

All outstanding invoices shall be connected and all payments shall be applied to oldest invoice first despite of payment instructions.


All releases shall be filed only after payment cleared our bank account

We bare no responsibility on time frame of release from our vendors and suggest 3 day minimum. Please make payment in advance.

Customer is responsible to pick up, unload and return container with 7 days of arrival. Failure to follow this timeline will cause cargo considered to be abandoned and to be sold to cover all destination charges.


Any invoice disputes shall be valid only during Payment Term time as stated on Invoice, before Invoice becomes past due. No dispute shall be accepted on any past due Invoice.